Acquiring & developing industrial service facilities for trucking & logistics

DryPort has a unique understanding of freight brokerage, the trucking industry, industrial real estate, & institutional processes. With the team’s experience and Riggy's Truck Parking Platform, DryPort will solve a major problem for the logistics industry.

Our Strategy

Strategy / Market

  • Acquire “Mom & Pop” / Stabilized Lots and develop concrete lots
  • Truck storage and parking is an overlooked segment of the real estate industry that stands to benefit from continued trucking volume increases
  • IOS is a core asset class with minimal institutional penetration.
  • E-commerce sales are still only 13.0% of total sales  (up from 5.0% in Q1 2021) and have significantly more room to grow.
  • Infrastructure around trucking (drivers, trucks, parts, and real estate) are inadequately scaled for this  demand in growth.


  • DryPort’s leadership team has a unique combination of institutional real estate backgrounds, logistics and trucking knowledge, and VC experience.
  • National network of truck carrier relationships through Arrive Logistics.
  • Expansive network of broker / user relationships.
  • DryPort has already acquired 3 “mom & pop” lots and executed its business plan of significant capital improvements, improving parking efficiency, and increasing rents.

Sourcing / Diligence

  • Leverage Arrive Logistics proprietary data to pinpoint trucker demand in each market
  • Site selection in prime industrial locations that allow optionality and mitigate risk.
  • Streamlined, efficient due diligence utilizing relationships with the top industry consultants.
  • “Institutional” approach to due diligence with thorough reports summarizing consultant information and business plan for each site.

Execution / Operations

  • In-house construction, operations, and property / asset management capabilities.
  • Utilizing a wide range of contractor relationships to ensure the very best pricing on development and capex projects.
  • Branding lots as Riggy’s differentiates DryPort from typical CRE firms.
  • Trucker-centric focus to build Riggy’s as a trucking household name with national relationships.
  • Leverage Mighty’s tech industry knowledge for easy-to-use interface for carriers to track account information.